Poll: Did xXViiper abide by Trusted τΓαδΣΓ rules?
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Yes... Thanks for the service!
5 62.50%
Yes... but i think he might have broken the τΓαδΣΓ code of ethics
0 0%
No... He did not let me return items purchased in error
0 0%
No... He did not bring an echest
0 0%
No... He would not accept diamond blocks as currency
0 0%
No... He attacked me for no reason
3 37.50%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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SHOP - xXViiper
Conforms to τΓαδΣΓ rules
[Image: x_XViiper_trader_badge.jpg]

This is the official τΓαδΣΓ thread for xXViiper. He will post information about his products and prices below
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Thanks a bunch Chad for accepting, appreciate it brother!
My selling market consists (Stone building materials such as cobble/brick/slab/stairs/normal stone etc, Decoration blocks, Foods of any type)
Foods Of Any Type = 1Ebs per stack (depends on stock, not including crapples or gapples, also not including golden carrots)
Stone building Materials = 4Ebs per 9 stacks
Decoration Blocks = 4Ebs per stack of all items in stock (requires in game consultancy)
Bottle O' Enchanting = 4 emeralds per bottle
Obsidian = 2Ebs per 3 Stacks (9 Stacks Minimum

These are starting prices and will be update in the future
Owner and founder of Elemental
I'm proud of you bitch <3
(09-09-2016, 06:27 AM)xXViiper Wrote: Bottle O' Enchanting = 4 emeralds per bottle

offering to buy 1 stack for 28 eb (1 bottle free)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Wow! I can't believe this guy!! He gave me all that I needed. Prepare to have more dbs coming your way! Smile
Ok so for some reason another person is trying to piss me off??
Owner and founder of Elemental

After speaking to the person who voted negatively on your thread and investigating this claim with others on the server, I do believe you were spawnkilling a nobody at spawn.

No harm was caused by this, aside from you making spawn a more dangerous place to pass through.

As you are an otherwise active and honourable trader, your badge will remain.
The negative vote against you will however stay.

This message will be moved to the transparency subforum when i get round to making it

"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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