A Peep Into January 7th
Ah, January 7th. Right around the peak of the government, January 7th of 2015 was a good time, a better time. But even then, ironically, I called the sky falling down, and it turned out to be correct. Here's an excerpt of what I wrote back then, warning of the day when shit might hit the fan with 2b2t. 

Introduction: The situation at hand.
MineTexas in itself is an interesting situation, consisting of regulars, but little else. Newcomers to the group are either absorbed quickly and excel, or fade away into obscurity. The issue however, is that a constant looming threat of returning to anarchy is ever-present. Due to the current collapse in military forces, it should be seen and highly expected that one day, such a situation will arise. Simply put, a Zeta-Level event is a catastrophic leak of information, coupled with mass griefing resulting in a near total collapse in both the infrastructure, and general system of the government itself. If there is by some chance that the government does in fact manage to weather out the situation without falling over altogether, then this procedure should be used as such.  But before that, several issues must be discussed. I find it to be a major issue that as a whole, our security is all but nonexistent. Up until now, we have faced little intrusions into the server, with an occasional griefer causing issues. But, if the current state of 2b2t is anything to go by, we could face a total collapse in our system if we do not prepare correctly. I propose a few basic procedures be enacted on a daily level, mostly regarding drilling and evacuation procedures, so as to know exactly what to do in the event of any kind of breach in security at any given time.
Section I: Evacuation
Despite the large array of bases and other secure areas that we have access to, it should always be assumed that at any given point, these could be griefed. Therefore, one should always be ready to leave at a moment's notice. This applies in particular to the larger bases, such as the current Vault project, the Capitol, and the armor factory. First, comes the process of creating an easy escape satchel. Depending on the number of players, this can vary. In a small, 1-2 player area, only one person is required to carry the escape package. Such a package should NOT be in a chest, and should instead be contained in a shielding area in order to protect it from any intrusions by X-Ray, or its various interfaces. A guide for this is as follows. The first thing to do is, make a decoy. Decoys are always necessary for extra security, as it can lower the guard of an attacker and focus his attention on other, more pressing issues. Therefore, think of an area where a player would think to look for a hidden object, and place it there. Use something relatively inconspicuous, but not overly obvious. For example, a chest buried in the ground near the shoreline, or a minecart chest hooked up to a bit of dummy redstone. Next, comes the process of creating shielding. In order to create a maximum level of security for the satchel, one must prepare a system of shielding for said satchel. Most X-Ray clients come with a customizable scanner, so precautions must be made. Strategy 1: The Distance-Sometimes, a simple solution works best. Place your satchel at least 20 blocks into a nearby body of water, towards the bottom. Usually, a PC will be searching in the underground section of a base using cave and chest finder, or using a custom scanner to look in particular areas. Therefore, put it in a location close to, but not near your area, usually towards the bottom of the map. If the sheer distance does not present an issue, then this strategy can be combined with Strategy 2: Dummy Blocks- Although the use of scanners can render this useless, the precaution should still be made in case a person lacks the knowledge to do so. Surround your dispenser (the “satchel”) with redstone ore, usually combining this with Strategy 1 of placing it towards the bottom of the map. In most cases, a person will completely overlook this chest, and will allow for your escape.
Section II: Escape-During the event of a raid, one of two things may happen. The chances are that either 1.You were AFK or offline during the event, therefore not being present for the raid itself. 2.You were online, but were attacked and killed, rendering you unable to continue onwards. 3. You were online, were not killed, but were unable to stop the event, and therefore must leave. For options 1 and 3, the solution is simple. Using the grab-and-go bag you packed previously, empty your inventory of any and all nonessentials, and take anything left over from the raid that you wish to keep and place it into an enderchest. After this, travel to the coordinate set given to you upon reading this, and begin long-distance travel. The information on long distance travel will be addressed after discussing situation #2. In the event that you were unable to repel the attack on your homestead, and were killed and sent back to spawn, then the situation changes, at least in regards to taking your escape package. As you are now incapacitated, you will be in need of assistance. As is standard procedure, upon informing me of the issue, I, or other personnel, will arrive at spawn, and bring a basic kit necessary for long-distance nether roof travel. Please note that any and all nether travel must be conducted ON THE ROOF. This applies to any and all personnel, and is to be conducted at all times, regardless of current threat level. Obviously, the reasoning behind this is fairly simple, being a matter of concealing tracks quickly and easily. Rather than waste resources creating tunnels and giving away evidence, one can instead take advantage of the roof and travel quickly and efficiently.
Section III: Creating a temporary base-It is an extremely simple process to create a base after being attacked, if all plans went correctly and the base was attacked without your presence. Simply create a basic lit structure, and the problem is solved. Keep in mind that said base is entirely temporary, and more of a waystation stop during your evacuation to Vault 75. If anything, it is highly suggested that at least 4 stacks of cooked meat are included in your inventory slot space so as to negate the need for a waystation system. In this situation, it prevents leaving behind partially loaded chunks and other signs of player based evidence. Therefore, it is highly recommended that food is in fact carried. After this, everything proceeds to Phase II.
Phase II:Job assignment and terraforming placement-After leaving the affected area and proceeding to the Vault area, the next phase of the plan comes into motion. After all the assigned members on the attached attendance sheet arrive, the second process goes into motion. In order to effectively stop any and all threats at spawn by minimizing the chances of survival, a system of destabilization is put in place. All attending members of the Vault are assigned a specific position, and are to be diligent in said position. Afterwards, mob XP grinding allows for tool enchantment for the terraforming and lavacast sessions. If you are unsure of how to produce a lavacast, please refer to the separate attached document. A team of 4 will be assigned to said position, and proceed to strip the land area of resources. This can include any and all organic materials, source of wood, water, etc. Grass is especially important to remove, as this produces peaceful mob spawning, which creates an unacceptable level of food intake for newspawn players.
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