Zineon Economics Report (September 2016)
I've decided to produce occasional Economic Reports relating to the trading environment in Zineon.

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Zineon Economics Report (September 2016)

The economy is currently quite stable, but at some point the prices listed here will be out of date.
The macroeconomic reasons that prices change are as follows:

Changes By Mojang
Our server is quick to update to the next stable version, and sometimes there can be some major changes to the game mechanics such as notch apples becoming uncraftable or elytra being added.

A major economic event that I hope will happen is Mojang making a better programmed version of minecraft that will recognise more powerful server hardware (we're on the max specifications it will recognise)

Changes By Minetexas Admin (Atar)
Atar looks at the server as a whole and will make changes within the game mechanics to keep the server balanced and lag free. He will never add another game-changing command (we only have /spawn).

Recent major economic events were the pigman nerf (to reduce lag) and making every chunk a slime chunk (and it's STILL more valuable than emerald blocks!)

Changes to the amount of players on the server
Back in the day there were only 10-15 of us on at peak times... now that's the very lowest it ever goes! Peak times can be anywhere from 50-90 people on the server at once, and that has a dramatic effect on mob spawn rates.

Changes to the actions of players on the server
The players as a whole are responsible for both the supply and the demand of the server. More combat means more demand for PVP supplies, and a safe trading environment leads to more trading in general (especially for low value commodities and items).

Prices may become high for certain items, but this is often followed by an increase of producers to that industry and prices will stabilise or fall.

A Duplication Glitch Discovery (and patch).
Depending on the exploit, this might lead to a temporary increase in the availability of high value items (notch apples, God Gear, Slime) or a temporary/permanent increase in the availability of currency.
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Currency Report

Emerald Blocks
eb is now the currency favoured by regular players. This is because the trades we do are often high value and emerald blocks are worth 4 (edit: now 3) times the value of diamond blocks

Diamond Blocks
Diamond blocks are technically a fiat currency... there's no reason to have a chest of dblocks except for buying stuff from other players. Those with τΓαδΣΓ badges must accept dblocks as currency, however they can swap 4:1 eblock with no exchange fees using my CurrencyExchange account service. db is the favoured currency for smaller trades as it has value to newer players.

Edit: dblocks have now gained in value against the eblock, rising to 3 diamonds to 1 emerald. 

Regular players believe that beacons will be a currency in the future, as they are even more valuable than eblocks. I would personally guarrantee a currency price of 64db for those in the τΓαδΣΓ frat, but market value is currently about 96db. We thought prices would come down after the dupe, but they will likely not fall to 64db each until the next dupe (could be in 2 weeks or 2 years, no one knows).

Edit: I am working on a system that would players to safely and easily transfer a beacon to each other over the forums. For this reason I expect them to be pegged to the price of emerald blocks.
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Zineon is the name of a dead government.
(09-15-2016, 12:45 PM)_Remnant_ Wrote: Zineon is the name of a dead government.

Zineon is the name of the anarchic country that the government tried to rule over.
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The ideals of anarchy dictate a complete lack of order or structure, and that name was formed by the government itself. Much like how the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia lost its name and collapsed into sub countries, Zineon experienced the same collapse into numerous fraternities. As far as I can see, this is the first time you have called minetexas by that name after the government collapse. This seems to be more on a whim than actual reasoning.

Gold was previously trading at parity with iron (4 to the diamond) but i'm now selling gblocks 1:1 for dblocks. This is due to the pigmen nerf, and high demand for crapples. I expect a rush of producers to the Gold farming industry, and prices to stabilise.
I don't predict prices will change until next update.

Iron is usually requested by richer players, and usually mined by poorer players. There has not been a rush to automated afk iron farms, due to mediocre demand and low spawn rates. Fairly stable at 3-5 iron to the diamond.

Back in government days, 1 diamond would buy you 4-6 obsidian. Well 1 year later, this price remains exactly the same. HOWEVER there has been tremendous diamond inflation, and most products quadrupled in price. Obsidian hasn't risen in price, and a lot of people are wanting to expand their overworld gold farms, so I expect things to heat up in this market. ^ ^

Still massive shortages and a lot of people are trying to buy but there's just very little of this commodity on the market. Someone offered me 4eb per slime ball but I didn't want to sell. I wouldn't be surprised if the price rose or fell drastically in the next month or two.
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Wait Atar made it so every chunks a slime chunk?
And is this a long term change? (before I go and make a 10 chunk slime farm)
That decreases the level of slimes because the density is spread out.
(09-15-2016, 01:34 PM)N3xtLevel Wrote: Wait Atar made it so every chunks a slime chunk?
And is this a long term change? (before I go and make a 10 chunk slime farm)

I assume that for as long as slimes are near-impossible to find, Atar will keep this change.

(09-15-2016, 01:39 PM)_Remnant_ Wrote: That decreases the level of slimes because the density is spread out.

It means that anyone can add a slime farm to their current base.
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Trading Environment

Spawn can be dangerous at times, and the security situation massively influences the amount of trade on the server. At the end of the day, if trade is quick and easy, then there's a lot more of it.

A couple of weeks ago I might have said "sorry not trading, killgrave is on" but with the creation of "KILLGRAVE SOLUTIONS" you can buy killgrave off. I paid 128db for 30 day protection for ReklysRekware and notchad accounts.
[Image: killgrave_protection.jpg]
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