Selling ISIS map art -Diamondflame5

hey, guys as some of you may have heard that I will be selling "isis map art" that is true and i have finally finished it, took me awhile but I did finish it in the end.

It will cost 30 diamond blocks
and if you buy two it will cost only 50 diamond blocks only

Side notes: the circle in middle isn't meant to be a perfect circle that's why it looks like that

I just wanna thank J_M_Rustler for supplying most of the carpet 


Atar kinda burned the map but he did fix it in the end, he didn't know it was made out of carpet lol.

Side point of view

Birds eye view


Angle photo
That would burn nice
I can confirm, Diamondflames ISIS map looks amazing IG.

It also goes well in an item frame beside QwQ's swastika.

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