Open Letter to Atar
Dear Atar;

For the past week the server, your server, has been under attack, and we, your customers in a sense, have been abused like you, by an online vandaliser and petty criminal.

You know that it is LordPepe, and you know his IP, so I, and whoever else decides to sign onto this open letter by replying 'I agree' or something the like, beg that you report him to the Police for violating the act above. People like Pepe are absolute shits, and if he needs to go to court to learn how to behave in society, then so be it.

Please, Atar;

Sir John
I agree
I agree
Providing that it is confirmed as LordPepe who is doing the ddos attacks. I know he made reference this morning claiming to the fame of the ddos.
As a paid supporter of this server, game time has been often destroyed by this and urging you to file against the IP.
I agree that whoever did it should have some consequences, although there is no solid proof that it was even LordPepe. There is quite a high chance that this was his doing, but then again, he could just be soaking up the attention for the attacks that have been happening. It isn't right to take drastic action before there is solid proof in the fact that he is the culprit.
I agree
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I agree
Sure, the guy who ddos'd the server is a dick, but clearly the guy has some problems in life. He's punishing himself enough with his negative mindset and a prosecution is hardly going to help us anyway.

There are other kids in this world who will decide to ddos this server so the only way to fix this problem is to purchase ddos protection.

Sucks for Atar though... that's something he has to pay for now, and hope that donations will cover the costs in the future.
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It certainly was LordPepe, I talked to him during a lull in one of the attacks.

But with that being said, and as shit as these attacks are for the rest if us, I don't think legal action would help anyone.

I agree with Chad with the whole ddos protection approach, but that's entirely Atar's call as to whether that's the route to follow.
That is true legal action is SERIOUS it costs tons of money and well ...
Les do it
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