All good thing must come to an end


Yesterday, September 17, I had the first experience with lavacasting. Travelling with a newbie player, I thought I should go revisit my old base, Demon City, to get food from the farm and possibly let the new player base there. To my surprise, the nether portal was missing close to the base. I chose to walk to the nearest portal, jump in, and walked to the coordinates. To my disappointing surprise, the base had turned to a mountain of cobblestone.


These pictures will show a comparison from the original build and the destroyed build ( in that respective order ). For all the pictures of the original build: Click Here.


[Image: NI65lL2.png]

[Image: 2016_09_18_00_39_54.png]

Yes, everything from the outside has disappeared under the cobblestone. No remains from the statue were found.


[Image: aBgnu1u.png]

[Image: 2016_09_18_00_44_13.png]

The second floor looks pretty intact. The only part missing is the wood all around.


[Image: bGf4k3gg.png]

[Image: 2016_09_18_00_44_28.png]

At least most of the face remains. I'm not surprised that the iron is missing.


[Image: E4l8rqV.png]

[Image: 2016_09_18_00_46_28.png]

Looking around, this was one of the only thing left somewhat intact out of the lavacast.


The first thing I have learnt today is no matter how magnificent your build is: expect it to perish at one point or another. Also, to anyone thinking of building close to spawn, this shows how easy a griefer can stumble upon your build. Lastly, no matter what burns down and how much time you have put into it: keep your head up, even if the grief means a complete restart from spawn (in this case I was lucky enough to move before it happened).


I have two questions to ask to the community of MineTexas. Even if I don't want to put a bounty, I’m curious, do any of you guys know who is to blame for this? Is there a video I can watch while it burns down?


Due to the build being completely destroyed, I want to let you guys explore under the cobblestone. The coordinates of the base are 9500, 9500 overworld, which translates to around 1250, 1250 nether. Using the positive x and z highways, you should stumble upon a portal around there, but x-ray should help (there was a portal at 1350, 1350 nether when I visited yesterday, but it might disappear by then.). Also, for anyone interested, there is a monument that stands at 10000, 10000: I don’t own that place. Have fun!

Written By : CUREmyDEMONS
The 10k 10k thing is mine. Use it however you wish.
Shit happens when you build that close to spawn. Try building atleast 10k off any nether highway and don't have a nether portal unless your way off a highway, like 50k in the nether off a highway. 

As long as you follow these rules you won't be found, unless your betrayed.

Nice ruins though, I might check them out when I have some free time.

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