Civcraft for Minecraft 1.8
So I took a good chunk of time today to get Civcraft compiled for Minecraft 1.8.1

Things are looking pretty good thus far (five minutes of testing).
Seems like TagAPI is going to be giving me some trouble and it will not be updated for Spigot 1.8 and will need to be replaced.
I know we'll need to disable some of the new blocks/entities.

So here's what still needs to be tested:
  • Trade goodie generation
  • Trade goodie buffs
  • All mobs and mob abilities
  • Armor damage reduction
  • All structures
  • All wonders
  • Camp > Civ > Victory progression
  • All custom Civcraft recipes
  • Plugin compatibility
  • Anticheat
If you guys want to help test, I'll probably be running a test server a couple of days a week.
How about the anticheat? It will need to be updated. If you need help just poke me I will help with debugging or testing
I'd be happy to help
[Image: LzwHy0X.gif]
I'll be adding beta testers as the week goes along.

Those of you who have already been added to the whitelist can find the server information here:
I tested a bit but I was unable to use admin command to try civ stuff so far

-Elite yobo take no damage from stone sword as intended (couldnt test their damage since I was stuck in creative)
-Yobo ability to split work
-Monster *nametag* only appear when you are very close , could be a problem with brutal ruffian
-Crafting leather ended in civcraft leather stuff
-Usually I always used /t info to see my town info but now its overided by a message command
- I could break trade goodie sign
Thanks qc. I'll be looking into all of those things.

If you'd like to be put out of creative, I can do that for you. Creative just makes it easier to test the recipes and such.
The breaking of trade goodie signs seems to be resolved. I'd probably say it was an issue with the ones you were breaking actually not being in the database, and thus weren't actual trade goodies.
i'd like to help
I'll help
I would like to help - Jackdm

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