Taters69: A dream, a notion, a story
Hello everyone, this is taters69, also known as Knipedud, SS_Goatmum, nicklepickle200, and in rare cases, therarestpepe. I've been a part of this server for a while now, back before the mattressleco wars, and I had some influence over how this server was formed into what it is today. When someone asks who I am and what I've done to the server, most people look towards the ASP. I did not come up with the ASP, nor did I found it, I was merely its most avid supporter, and enjoyed conversing with it's leader. I feel that my story has so much more than that, and I want to share it here.

I started out in Minecraft back when food automatically healed you instead of filling hunger. The only servers I ever played on back then was Hunger Game servers and the like. It was fun, for a while, before I got bored quickly of the repetitive nonsense that was each round. I hungered for more, something innovative,  something where I could create, not follow. I found 2b2t.

My 2b2t days were my newfag days. I was enthralled in the backchatter, the lava casts, the ruins, the countless denizens of 2b2t that lived only 1000 blocks away from 0,0. It was a wonderful place to start, but not to stay. Being that newfag was hard, as it is hard on newfags on minetexas. Constant huntings, depletion of resources, even the most basic of finding food was a task. So I moved on.

I found two servers in my time, Brovaltine, and Emerald Moss. Brovaltine was the equivalent to minetexas back in the day, with a 0,0 town, a history, and regulars. However, the owner of the server shut it all down, due to the fact that without much interaction between players due to the large gap between them, and the cost of running this server remotely. Emerald moss was different, in that it had a huge town project built at 0,0, and had reduced ores for more challenge. It suffered the same fate.

I was lost, and I had no where to go to. These servers shut down only months after I had joined. There was even a time where I had a tekkit server, called SovietCraft, that was a complete, vanilla tekkit server. It was a thing of beauty, but, as all things do, it had to die. I became distraught. "Where can the creative juices flow? Why should I build huge projects on servers with literally no danger? What is the point?

I actually went into google, typed "Anarchy Minecraft server". There it was. Minetexas.

I started out from humble beginnings, casually typing back to the denizens of the server, the most prominent of them being DeadOcelot, ChadDX, and DonaldTrumpforMC. I even created my first house on the nether highway, hiding it in 2 layers of netherrack. This base can still be found I believe, but I haven't checked. After living in this base and chatting it up with chad and trump, aspiring to make newbie kits complete with food, bows, and leather armour that I found in the grinder I had set up, I became enthralled in it's government. I decided to skype trump, and the relationship hit off spectacularly. I eventually moved to his base, set up shop, , and called it Vault 75. Before all this, there are some points in history that I will point out that I had a hand in.

I have an alt, first named Nicklepickle200. Many remember the reign of terror over spawn nicklepickle was before Killgrave set in. Some could say I was Killgrave's predecessor, but I say that it was politics. Nicklepickle was designed to stress-test the government, and I believe that the government became a little stronger. Even before that, I was involved in the Matressleco wars, raiding his server and spawn killing inside the walled off area. Back then, spawn was just an obsidian platform, with a stairway back to the nexus, and a netherportal built in. We were able to obsidian-in the place, and could preform the acts of spawnkilling easily. Nicklepickle then settled into a quiet farm job, now called Knipedud.

My other exploits involve the following; Reinvigorating 0,0 , creating Vault 75, knowing the presence and the stature that was Waterford, becoming the Head of Military, running a God factory before the location of such became lost, and helping formulate the ASP.

Currently, I have begun working on a new set of projects, one of which is sure to change the future of the server. Remember kiddos, if there's only one thing for certain, its that time equals excellence. Don't worry about being the newfag, push through. We were all newfags at some point.

If there are any parts that you would like to know more about, just leave it in the comments and I will reply back with more info.
Taters this is an excellent post... makes me wonder if we should have a History Subforum for all this kind of stuff.  Smile

I can confirm that everything above is true
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Im glad I'm friends with such a great potato such as yourself.
I can't wait to see what the future is hiding Wink.
Perhaps I can now confirm that killgrave1124 personally confirmed to me by pm that he was in fact NOT TATERS!

It was my strongest guess, even Choco thought it was a possibility
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Can i know more about the oldest players and If any of them are around any more besides Chad, Trump and you?
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(09-21-2016, 10:07 AM)Aslanbor Wrote: Can i know more about the oldest players and If any of them are around any more besides Chad, Trump and you?

Chad, from what I can tell, has been the friendly vendor ever since I joined the server. He has always proven to be more reliable than many other traders, and even used to have his own brand of merchandise, RekWare.

Trump is a manipulative bastard, someone who enjoys sitting behind the curtain and pulling strings. What pairs this off even better is his inability to settle for second best. All in all though, he is a good friend to have.

Deadocelot was about the most innocent of innocent you could get on this server, minding his own business, working on projects with Chad at spawn, and overall being a good guy to talk to.

_Creeperbait_, I'm pretty sure, has been around for a long while, and might actually be the oldest player on the server. He bases up with Zen and the rest of the ASP.

Many of the players that used to play left after the ASP incursion and the fall of the Zineon government. Not many willl tell you this, but the extremely short reign of DonaldTrumpkins, not to be confused with Trump, and theDoctor was a major deal breaker for many of the regulars. However, there are a select few that chose to stick around, such as Xeno, Minoxio, Epicfire, many of the ASP recruits.
Creeperbait is relatively new by oldfag standards, it's just that he's a bit up there in years.
Don't Forget Nickster
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
(09-21-2016, 11:31 AM)ChadDX Wrote: Don't Forget Nickster
As much as this is a history thread, everything that I post here has to involve me somehow. I never knew Nickster, so I have no information about him. This is an autobiography after all.
you're right, Nickster was prolific but relatively short lived (borderline invented spawn camping noobs) and this was during a period you were not playing.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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