The Cancerous One
Hello guys, yeah I know what you are all thinking, "Shouldn't he have done this ages ago?" Well probably, but I didn't realize until now that I probably should introduce myself. Many of you know me as Grin_The_Brown, he is my alt and my most respected alt if I do say so myself. Big Grin  Anyways i should probably tell you more about myself. My name is Aslan and I have 3 alts as of now. Many of you know who they are and many don't. I will just say this. My forum name and the one I just said are two. I own Praetorian and Aquilifer, I was once the President of the Republic which has fallen into disrepair. I am a gold plus on the server and I enjoy Minetexas as it is the only server I can speak my opinion on. I like Anarchy very much, but when it becomes to much I go to Civcraft to calm down and have some quiet time. The best part about Minetexas is the people who run it. Atar and his mods are very nice and listen to us unlike some servers. The people on this server are all unique in their own way and each and everyone of them have good and bad aspects. My friends and Confidants on this server are Epicfiredude, Warsoilder12, Fix, and DinoPC. Dino and I came to this server together after we saw each other on 2b2t. We decided to skype and I realized he was going to be my friend for ages to come. When we realized we wouldnt be able to get on 2b2t after the influx we decided to join Minetexas. We joined around May 2016 and we love playing here. Dino has so much school work he is hardly ever on anymore. While playing Epic and I went to raid a base. We realized that it was the Foodclan base and we decided to burn it to the ground. I was on my alt at the time and nobody knew it was me back then. One of the Foodclan members befriended me and we decided to go check out the ruined base. I later told her I was one of the raiders. It takes a true friend to say "I forgive you," after you say something like that. CraziiSour is now one of my closest friends and is usually the only person I skype anymore (Besides Dino when he is on.) I came on this seeking to raid and get rich, I later realized it was more than just aggressiveness and wealth. It was about friendship and peace, building and teamwork, and respect and honesty. Sure, I got stabbed in the back a few times but it only made more hardened and determined to be nice and help instead of hate and kill. If you read this far I hope you enjoyed I will update this post every now and then. For the meantime Stay sharp MineTexas.
Life itself is only a vision, nothing exists but empty space and you, and you are but a thought.

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