Poll: Does ChadDX manipulate the economy for his own gain?
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5 38.46%
2 15.38%
He manipulates the economy, but does not gain.
0 0%
He does not manipulate the economy, but gains from it
2 15.38%
no vote
4 30.77%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Does ChadDX Manipulate the economy for his own benefit?
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Here's an excellent question. Does chad deliberately create questions in a manner designed to aggressively target individuals in an attempt to spite them into a response through meaningless polls designed to easily puppeteer strawmen standing on the sidelines to vote in a positive manner? Is chad failing to realize the basic concepts of the Streisand Effect causing more harm than good by attracting attention in a petty gambit to tarnish someone's name through the inevitable lead-up of more statements using his sway in the server as a way to defame other individuals? Or has chad simply thrown a temper tantrum at the fact that he insulted me by insinuated I was attempting to pull some sort of hostile takeover, and I deleted his post? One would think so. I would think better of you chad, that you would see how incredibly stupid it looks, to clearly be making me respond to you. I have one thing to say, and that would be a friendly fuck you. I'll do as I please, and your ridiculous Zineon era attempt at using voting as a credible way of determining whether or not something holds substance behind it, is childish in itself. You, being a logical individual should see this.
Chad is not as he seems. he may be the most reliable trader in the server, but is he legit? We have speculations on him SUPPLYING Killgraves and he OPENLY SUPPORTS killgraves's spawncamping. Not enough? Over the last few months the prices for armour, gold, and diamond have went up in price, and the price of emeralds have dropped. Guess which trader doesn't support emerald as currency? Guess which trader has the monopoly on armour, gold, and currently has the highest amount of diamond wealth on the server? Still not enough? We have evidence that many of the gear acquired by killgraves is SOLD TO CHAD AT LOWER RATES. He merely REPAIRS THEM AND RENAMES THEM TO HIS BRAND. STILL not enough? We have legitimate sources stating that his base being "Leaked on accident" was a mere ploy to make others believe that he doesn't have the factory running anymore. Has he really moved? Has anyone checked? HAS HE POSTED INFORMATION THAT HE HAS MOVED? Or has he been stockpiling, waiting for the moment he can seize the market by its fragile testicles and run it into the goddamn ground? Only you can decide.
I abstain as Chad is a good fellow as long as I have known him so I can't vote and I dont really care if he does or not. It anarchy
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There are 4 letters in Chad
There are 6 letters in ChadDX
D and X are the 4th and 24th Letters of the Alphabet
24 + 4 = 28
Chad's alt is ReklysRekware
R is the 18th letter of the Alphabet
28 - 18 = 10
4 + 6 = 10
Are you seeing something strange here?

Ten has three letters
DX has 2 letters
ChadDX has 6 letters
2 x 6 = 12
The last letter of illuminati is i
The first letter of illuminati is i
Are you seeing this too?

There are 0 i's in ChadDX
12 divided by 0 is infinity
Chad's range is Infinity
Chad's prices will end up at infinity
And what is infinity divided by infinity?
Thats right. 1.
1 x 3 is 3
9 divided by 3 is 3
There are 3 i's in illuminati
3 x 3 = 9
There are 3 capital letters in ChadDX
9/3 = 3
There are
on a

But that is not all...
What is a character not in ChadDX? A hyphen.
What do you get if you add a hyphen to 3? -3
What is the square root of -3? i
What is at the beginning and end of illuminati? That's right. i.
But there is more!

What is an i? It is a line, or a 1, with a dot, or a 0 on it - 10.
What do you get if you add the number of letters in Chad and ChadDX? Also 10.
What is 10/10? 1.

One more thing.

How many eyes are there in the Illuminati Symbol?



ChadDX is Illuminati Confirmed.

Big Tick in the 'Manipulates' section

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