a idea about the rework of growth, hammers, and farms etc.
Hey all just thought I should post this idea about growth, hammers, and farms. And a couple other things
  • Growth and farms: So far I've found growth quite useless because your never going to be able to farm every single time everything grows I usually only farm only once a day (if I have time). How about you make a rework of farms and growth. The farms could generate food (like a fishery) except instead of giving it hoes or something like that it could generate food through the amount of growth that you have same thing with the pasture.
  • Hammers: why not have unused hammers give coins much like beakers convert into culture?
  • Making civs: well I know that you think that the standards are not that high for crafting civs but the first time I crafted a civ it took me an insane amount of time (around a month) to craft a civ I think that the crafting standards are shooing away people that don't play as much if you reduced the standards by a huge amount I'm sure more people would play Civcraft.
  • Crafting Weapons: I am extremely happy about the new 1.10 update due to the return of custom mobs making it easier to get weapons but I'm still unsatisfied I still think it still just takes too long for people that play a lot less time (like myself) any reduction of the standards for crafting weapons would be appreciated. If you want it to take time to get weapons you could add a building that could make weapons in exchange for a couple items so people don't have to play as much to get weapons.
Thanks for listening

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