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Minecraft Version: 1.8
Server address:

This server is running the all new build of civcraft for Minecraft 1.8. I've been working on this one for quite some time, and I think you'll like the changes I've made.

We're also testing out Buycraft on this server.
You can pre-purchase the Atlantean Templates here:

Notable changes From Civcraft 1.3:
  • No custom mobs: Vanilla Mobs Only
  • Players Spawn with Soulbound equipment and a camp door.
  • Reduced War Cannon Firework chance to 10%
  • Reduced leftover blocks on demolishing a structure.
  • Reorganization of the Resident Perks menu. Added a permission based system for granting perks.
  • New Mob Grinder Structure: Craft mob eggs, put them in here for things.
  • Rework of the Temple: Now takes mutton and upgrades like a cottage.
  • Rework of the Trommel: Added Redstone to the drop chance
  • Added Trommel upgrades for other stone types.
  • UUID Support, name changes supported.
  • Attachables are in the Post Build Phase
  • Camps are more Glitch resistant.
  • New Fortified Wall structure.
  • New Quarry structure: Input Pickaxes, it mines for you. (Albeit, slowly)
  • Fix TNT for War Time
  • Added Bridge blocks to build over Trenches in War time
  • Fix Chests saving during war time
  • Re-balance War Cannons to have better functionality during war time. Cannons can now damage Control Points as the town hall hits 0 HP.

Four new wonders:
  • 'Colosseum Coins From Towns'
  • description: 'Grants 100 coins per day to the civilization for every town in the world.'
Globe Theatre
  • 'Globe Theatre Culture From Towns'
  • description: 'Increase culture by 1 for every town in the world.'
Great Lighthouse
  • 'Great Lighthouse Increse Tower Range'
  • description: 'Increase Tower Firing range in this town by 50%'
Mother Tree 
  • 'Mother Tree Tile Improvment Bonus'
  • description: 'Can build twice as many tile improvments in this town.'
  • 'Mother Tree Tile Improvment Cost'
  • description: 'Tile Improvements cost 20% less across the civilization.'
  • 'Mother Tree Growth Bonus'
  • description: 'Grants a 50% bonus to farm growth rates across the civilization.'
- No Hacking, Glitching, Duping, or Exploiting bugs
- No Spamming or Excessive Cursing
- No asking for: Warp, Item spawning, OP
- No alternate accounts
- Use Common Sense
- Report Violators on the forums:
Well I wish you would've waited until the current age ended, but okay then :/
I've been planning to run two servers anyways.
So is the server officially out?
[Image: LzwHy0X.gif]
Yes, we're running this new server and the old 1.7.10 server still.
So both servers will run even after Age VI is over?
That is correct, I intend to run two civcraft servers.
Ughhhhh I hate that....
Well, If it makes you feel any better, I'm planning to make one of them Casual.

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