! SALE ! 4 Godsets for an affordable price!
! SALE !
Hi guys,
I just wanna say I have 4 spare sets of god armor (P4, U3, Mending) and the full god shit on the boots & helmet (feather IV, Depth III, aqua, resp III)

I just want to get rid of it, I don't PvP.
Asking for 384 DB's (6 stacks of DB) which totals for only 96 DB per set.
I'll throw in 8 Crapples or a Prot IV, Unbr III, Mending, Thorns II chestplate for an additional 8 DB (!ONLY ON THIS DEAL!)

Hoping to hear from you either here or in game, be quick or someone will be faster!

- QwQ_tw / WillAndUp
wow man! that is an awesome deal! Big Grin
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