There's a Forum?
Didn't really know there was a forum to Minetexas. Pretty cool, I guess.

Most of you already know me so this really isn't much of an introduction, but I decided to go ahead with this anyways. I came here around early June, so I am still relatively new, at around 4 months. Nevertheless, even within that short span of time this server has afforded to me more cancer than I have ever witnessed in the entirety of my Minecraft years. As you know I have been graced by our Lord and Saviour Ataranlen with my very own meme, accessible through the /mint command. 

I am also a very prominent member of the Squid Lobbyists, which has very recently won its arduous battle for the return of squids. Today, you can see the fruits of our efforts, as Atar has now fixed squid and slime spawning. Hurrah!

That's pretty much it.

Long Live Cancer Minetexas!
Omg I never knew you didn't know that I knew you didn't know!

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