MeMe CiTy
This was the other day on MTA. I was bored AF, and I felt like building shit.
So I went to spawn, and started makign a road and a small wooden cottage. I was building for like 5 minutes when Wetter__Farts__ came along and started to hit me and annoy me and calling me fat. Which isn't true FFS
So then I get at this point where I remember what my mom used to do when I was annoying AF, think of a distraction! So I told him: Make another house and be my neighbour! He logged into Wet__Farts__ and started building. And that is how MeMe city came to be.

So we where halfway done when StonurDude  logged in, and I told him what we where doing so he came by to and started building.

Afther that Th3 joined he started protecting the city, effectively becoming our first police officer, and then LIVEZZZZ joined the game and started walking around, becoming our first terrorist.

StonurDude was splashing in cash and built a slime house, and I built a small bouncy house too.

Below are the pics!:

My house:

[Image: 9axVCtq.png]
[Image: 8ZlkztY.png]
Shit the coords to my house got leaked
[Image: 4M2Ycbu.png]

Wet__Farts__'s condo

[Image: PYya9OF.png]

It had a WF logo in the wall, I didnt get a screen of that though :(


-=StonurDude's houses=-

[Image: km8wXAT.png]
[Image: z9EiULa.png]

We also had a community bouncy house. It was gr8 m8. (ASP is not the only one anymore)

[Image: 8dlEbWr.png]

StonurDude didn't like it, he hit his head. Halo_Hut did like it houwever.

[Image: wm2e7tf.png]

Here some group pics:
[Image: IrmhcwB.png][Image: 6mhq0ox.png]

Hope you're there to build with us next time! :D
QwQ_tw / WillAndUp
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This is fantastic forum content and the definition of spawn building.

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uuhhh me? Yes sir!
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!
(10-12-2016, 07:10 AM)QwQ_tw Wrote: uuhhh me? Yes sir!

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A well earned badge... welcome to the collective!  Cool
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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