12 Step Guide on How to Get Rich
This guide is directed towards those that have who have established bases, are living with someone who has an established base, or those who are already wealthy, but want to gather in more liquid gains.
Many of the people on this server piggy-back on the success of others, for example Chad, who has (Had) been the main source of all God Gear given out. Now, times are changing, and many must fend for themselves, creating homemade God Gear and finding raw minerals as they go. This is not how someone should live. This server is dedicated to attrition, competition. If there isn't a feud between 2 fraternities about who supplies the server with God Gear, then something is wrong. With that out of the way, lets get on with the guide.

So, first step requires you to have a base of operations. Somewhere where you can fall back to and leave important items in an unlocked, unhidden chest and feel safe. If you don't have something like this, refer here (https://www.minetexas.com/minecraft-serv...64#pid4664) and come back once completed. In order to create wealth, you must choose what is either easiest for you, or just the most lucrative business you can muster. For example, you can try to take on Chad, if he ever comes back, by manufacturing god gear. However, this would require about 4 accounts, months of free time, and good people skills. Don't have those? Then you can try your hand at manufacturing Gapples, which would require a gold farm, a system for apples, and willing buyers. Or, you could just manufacture wealth straight from the earth. Many people accept slime blocks as a currency, as well as emerald, gold, and of course diamond.

Second step is finding your market. Do you have high prices for highly sought after goods? Then the oldfags would be happy to buy from you. Have an iron farm that produces a steady amount? The middlefags would love to barter diamond for iron. Have food? Newfags need food to survive the treacherous pit that is spawn/nether. I'm not going to point out exacts, but selling the wrong thing to the wrong person is gonna net you zero gains.

Third step is acquiring a plan and acting on it. Think you can take Chad with your 10 accounts and free time? Then do it. Don't stop doing it. Set a time table. Set a list of things that need done. Crossing one item off the list is one of the most rewarding parts of a project. And once you find that perfect spot with 5 grinders nearby, once you finally dig that 1000x1000 block wide hole, once you finally have all the neccessary materials to build that triple automatic wheat farm with seed dispensers and auto diamond extractors, nothing can possibly stop you. 

Before we go to the fourth step, lets recount why many people don't have these things done. Many people, this even includes Chad, have been one trick ponies. Chad may be able to play 24/7 and manufacture God Gear at an astounding rate, he may be able to pull of monotonous work, like building bridges that span 10,000 blocks along rough terrain for no apparent reason. But other than that, what can he do? He certainly can't save the Zineon government, that has been disbanded for about a year. He certainly can't keep people's interest in his mock-economics for too long. And he certainly can't rely on his own strengths for too long. Just a little bit ago, this year I think, I sold him steak and golden carrots, because he did not have any structures dedicated to food. Everyone has a weakness, but some people have less.

Now, for step four, we have what I like to call the imitation game. Face it, no matter what, you will not be able to satisfy everyone's needs. Many people are unhappy about the major increase in prices, and even more people are unhappy about the current status of spawn. But it isn't about that. It's about you, how you are going to win. This server is all about how you, or your group, is gonna top the rest. Never forget that. Hell, I'm pretending to care about other people right now, just because I'm bored in school and we have unrestricted access to here. As long as it looks like you care, people will respond to that. And who knows, they might decide to exclude that bonus from their order, just because of how nice you are.

Welp, that's all I have to say. Also, to whoever owns the red Toyota Camry parked outside, it's getting towed as we speak, better get out there quick.
How about getting on the fucking server and helping people with the project you work that's making you rich.
(10-10-2016, 10:49 AM)_Remnant_ Wrote: How about getting on the fucking server and helping people with the project you work that's making you rich.

I'm gonna go ahead and give you my answer, and then your own reply. First off, school. Now your reply will be something along the lines of "This is more important". To which I reply, "Why are we having this debate over a public forum where the subject matter is not this debate?" I'm at my high school, with the chromebook I am legally given, and this is the only thing I can possibly do that won't drive me insane.
this post also moved to the history section... good times!
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