Chad Will Reveal All On This Thread (under construction)
So... The question on a lot of people's minds recently has been:

"Chad Wtf?"
"Wtf is Chad doing?"

Well, originally I was going to release all this information in one go on 1st January 2017 00:00 GMT, but seeing as I'm no longer doing this plan, I'll just start releasing it in bits on this thread.

The plan was relatively simple... I was going to work with others to rig the economy we have on the server, just for fun.

How was this going to happen and why was the project abandoned? 

Well read on (when i've actually written the next posts)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
The key to understanding this plan is knowing that goods and services on the anarchy server are severely mispriced.

To rectify this I would study each commodity/currency in depth to come up with a better (fairer) price.

The trick was choosing when and where to release information. If other people were replicating my economic studies, or even checking the figures, then I wouldn't have this power. As it is, I have a monopoly on economic information on this server.

The second part of the plan was the "mystery currency speculator" who was going to make large trades on my behalf, seriously affecting the supply and demand of currencies and commodities on the server. This person decided to drop out of the plan because they didn't want the eblock price to temporarily fall (as they had a large part of their wealth in eb). I suspect the "mystery currency speculator" didn't realise that even though the price of eb was going to fall, they would have actually made serious profit from the inside information.

Without the "Mystery Currency Speculator" making large bulk trades on my behalf, there was no way to profit from the plan. I got seriously bored, and decided to see how easy it would be to communicate only in numbers.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I will release each step/trade of the plan on this thread shortly, but first I will explain some stuff related to the real life person who controls the ChadDX accounts and how the guy thinks.

So, Chad (not my real name) was one of the most annoying kids in school. I would do no work, write nothing down, disrupt the classroom, be rude to the teacher, then get 100% on the exam.

This is because I only need to be told information once, so long as I understand it.
If it makes sense, I remember it. If it doesn't make sense, I forget it.

This attitude didn't cause me too much harm until the last year of college. You actually need to study and concentrate to pass the final exams at the end of the UK education system. Having got As and Bs in the first year of college, I got E's and U's in the second year, and my final grades averaged out to D D D.

With these grades I couldn't get into a good university, so I got a job at a fast food place and flipped burgers for minimum wage.

After that I got a job working for local government, and just for kicks I decided to keep flipping burgers on the side, working an average of 50 hours per week.

My Dad said that I'm working too hard, and should just go to a shit university just for the experience. I did go to a shit university, and that's how I discovered the illegal rave scene.

Illegal raves just blew me away. Sure, there are 'raves' that are little more than a sound system in an abandoned building, but the ones I went to had international DJs, Security, Cloakroom, Stalls, Bars, Cafes, performers, and the best lasers and decoration you have ever seen. Every weekend was a different event from a different promoter, and the party was for one night only. You would never find this level of production in a legal/licensed club. This was organised anarchy, and it was awesome.

I spent a good 4 years in the illegal rave scene, doing various crazy projects.

Also on the side I decided to get a job at a posh private school, with fees of £60k a term.
I also worked for a wholesaler, negotiating prices for goods by the lorry load (26 pallets)

Then I got bored again, and started playing minecraft
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
The first server I played on was 2b2t.

There I met Jared, Ebola_Chan, RainyAfternoon, Thebes, CtrlAltCreates, JoshYarnspinner, Xenobyte and Epicfiredude.

I never left spawn on that server, as I enjoyed the challenge of living close to the action. Then 2b2t went down temporarily and I found the Minetexas Anarchy Server.

Minetexas Anarchy back then was the definition of a blank canvas... Nothing built near spawn, only 0-5 other players online.
I'd always wondered what I would do with my own anarchy server, but I never had the concentration to learn a programming language, nor the experience to set up the hardware. Well, here I didn't need to... A God called Atar had already done all this work and just left an anarchy server for the taking.

And take it we did. Resident Oldfag _Remnant_ managed to bring the entire server population together under a project to form a "Government" on an "Anarchy Server". I hope you guys appreciate the irony of this project, and understand that this resulted in the toppest of keks.

I brought Epicfiredude, Xeno, and Josh (rerum) to MineTexas from 2b2t to help work on the government project.

(more of this post coming shortly)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Also, Shortly before joining the MineTexas Anarchy Server, I was diagnosed with Bi-polar affective disorder.

This was quite a shock... It had never occurred to me that:
  1. I might have a mental illness
  2. Other people don't think like me
Bipolar essentially means that I have times of being happy (high) and times of being sad (low). This happens without drugs or even reason. It's just a cycle that I have.
There is a sweet spot in the middle where I am neither high nor low, and in these moments I'm essentially a normal person, who experiences all the regular emotions and thoughts that anyone does.

Now some of you are probably thinking:
"high's and lows? everyone has highs and lows, that's not a mental illness!"

but understand this: when I'm high, nothing can stop me. I can not think of a negative thought, nothing can harm me. I remember one time I hired a van and racked up like £1000 worth of parking tickets. Now a normal person might get pissed off at receiving a parking ticket, but someone in a bipolar high won't understand that a parking ticket is a bad thing. When I gave the van back (to a different branch of the company) they said they would charge me £600 for damage that I knew for a fact was already on there when I hired the van from the original location. I honestly didn't give a fuck, I was more annoyed that they'd made me wait for half an hour whilst they found the branch manager because they thought I'd kick off (as any normal person would).

(more on what bipolar is later)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Some of you are probably wondering when exactly I'm going to start mentioning the trades I planned.

Well, just to prove that they are indeed coming, The first trade of the plan was this:

1. Acquire Jungle Leaves and Crafting Tables from Epicfiredude through NCP

(all steps will eventually be released on this thread eventually, the final step is minting my own currency backed to Infinity Gear)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
An actual illegal rave I attended

It's fair to say that over £100,000 changed hands that night (although the promoters only just broke even)*

This was the main room... but there were 5 other smaller rooms in this large abandoned warehouse complex

The police let this particular party go ahead, but they raided the building the next week when they realised that another promoter was planning to use the same venue

Note: not all illegal raves are good, not all are safe. People have been robbed, stabbed, raped, or died of a drug overdose. Stay safe kids... play minecraft instead.

*not that the promoters gave a fuck about making no profit at this particular event. By throwing the biggest party of the year they gained the respect of the entire scene, and could use the above footage to hire any venue they wanted. They basically acquired a "hire any venue without a deposit card". This allowed them to put on licensed events, and could stop worrying about the police shutting them down.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
(10-11-2016, 03:49 AM)ChadDX Wrote: 1. Acquire Jungle Leaves and Crafting Tables from Epicfiredude through NCP

So you guys are probably wondering why this trade would be useful?

Well, first off, I absolutely love having crafting tables all over spawn. That particular thing was just for me.

But Jungle Leaves?

Well, some clever member of the ASP frat realised that Jungle Leaves (JL) could be used as a currency.

This is because there is a limited amount of JL on the server.
They are only found in Jungle Biome, and can't be farmed as Jungle Leaves don't drop enough saplings to be able to replant.
When you try to buy stuff from ASP, they generally quote you a price in "Dubs of JL".

I figured that seeing as Epicfiredude already received a large order for crafting tables, he would be able to efficiently take JL at the same time.

The deal was that Epic would transfer both the JL and CT to NCP, and then the "Mystery Currency Trader" would purchase the JL, acquire stock from ASP, and then sell that stock in stage 2
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
A quick bit of info about bi-polar

The way I see it, there are two types of thought. There is logical thought, and emotional thought.

Emotional thought is where you try to work out why you feel a certain way about a certain thing. It's a complex thought process, and it takes many things into account, such as your morals, your friends, your life goals, etc.

Logical thought is much more simple. You simply apply learned knowledge to a situation, without giving a fuck.

When you are in a bi-polar high, you feel only one emotion (happiness)
This means you don't think emotionally about anything, only "logically".
I put "logically" in quotes, because you can't actually work out if an idea is good or not, only if it is "possible"

Long story short, during an extreme bi-polar high, I think roughly 12 times faster than normal.

This particular economic rigging plan took me less than a minute to work out, even though it will take days to post each step on the forums
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
heh... I logged on this morning and a few people were not very happy with me.

This is because I decided I would add a "Heist" into my economic conspiracy plan.

This was not necessary, as I would have made bank with the currency manipulation.
This was just for fun.

Also, understand that I tried to involve as many frats as possible in the plan, just to make the "big reveal" even more epic

So, I feel I must explain how the heist was going to work now, before I explain how i was going to crash the eb price

(next post will explain the heist)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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